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On Criticism Of The Arsenal Boss:

“I think Arsene Wenger has great longevity, I think his energy to keep doing the Job in a really difficult time for Football coaches to be in a Job for so long, he’s done a brilliant Job at Arsenal over the years.

And, you know, I respect him for the work he does, I want to beat his Arsenal teams every time I play them, but I have to admire anybody who can put that amount of effort and energy into one club”.

On Analysing The Gunners’ Habit Of Conceding Early:

“No, I’ve not talked about Arsenal conceding early goals, I think if you are talking about Arsenal, you would talk about a really good Football team who have got excellent players on their side, but we have to try and find a way of getting a result again, it’s what we have to do here at West Ham.

We are in a run of really difficult games, we picked up three really vital points, so we are aware of Arsenal’s qualities and if we can score another early goal, I will be thrilled”.

On The Style He Is Adopting Here:

“I think it’s one which, you know, the players want to be told, and I think they want to be accountable for their work and we are making them that, we are making sure they are accountable for everything they do on the pitch”.

On Whether He Had To Be More No Nonsense With Marko:

“I think both of them, we’ve said to the players at the moment, you know, we’ve got to try and work a bit harder as a team and play more together as a team and I think if we can get that then it will continue to help get us results”.

On How He Has Been Able To Instigate The Form Of Arnautovic And Masuaku:

“A little bit of both (a no-nonsense approach or an arm around the shoulder) probably, I think Marko has come as a big signing, big expectation here and I think everybody knows he’s a really good player, he was a really good player at Stoke City, maybe of a type, we had to make sure we got at least that from him, which he showed at Stoke City, and I think if we can get a little bit more then even better.

On Whether Hart Will Be Able To Keep His England Place:

“Well, my Job is to pick the West Ham team, not the England team, I think Gareth’s a really good Coach and he will know exactly what he wants”.

On Adrian Preventing Hart From Featuring:

“Well, that’s good, I hope Adrian keeps playing well but there will be games for Joe, there will be games and you know, Adrian’s gonna have to play well, I’m really fortunate to have two good goalkeepers who are competitive and at this moment in time, Adrian’s got the Jersey”.

On The Possibility Of Hart Leaving In January:

“I just said he will play lots of games for West Ham, so I think I answered the question, but what I will say is no Joe’s here and if I am correct, and I could stand corrected, I’m sure I don’t think Joe’s contract allows him to go back anyway”.

On The Reaction Of Joe Hart To Being Permanently Dropped:

“Joe, I’m sure, throughout his career has always been No1 wherever he has been and there’s been someone else working alongside him.

So, at this moment in time, Adrian went in goal against Manchester City and played well and he did so again on Saturday, so I’m sure Joe will give Adrian all the respect from that position, he’s a really good guy Joe and I said before, he’s good in the Dressing Room for us and the big thing about Joe is his level of experience, you know, the games he’s played in, the Competitions and I’ve got to tell you, he will play a lot of games for West Ham between now and the end of the season”.

On The Importance Of The Chelsea Win:

“We got three points and that’s what we needed more than anything, but I think for confidence as well, I think we have been playing well in the games and threatening to get some results in parts of games, probably against Manchester City especially.

But, I thought against Chelsea, we had to work really hard, we had to defend really well and in the end, we got what we deserved.

On Injury News Ahead Of Tomorrow:

“Cheik Kouyate has returned a little bit to training so we are hoping we can get him back quite quickly obviously Chicharito and Andy Carroll were back on the bench at the weekend, James Collins is coming on a little bit as well but not ready for the game.

We’ve got a couple of long-termers, so we are pretty much as we are really, there is only we got a doubt, that is Edi Fernandes just hurt his ankle in training, that is all”.

1:38 PM: A slightly late David Moyes has arrived to speak to us, live quotes to follow…………….

1:25 PM: The Gaffer should be addressing us very soon here, expected topics of conversation are expected to include Saturday’s victory over Chelsea, the shape of the Squad and tomorrow night’s opposition in Arsenal.

1:20 PM: Just ten more minutes for us to wait here at the club’s Training Ground, make sure you stay with us for today’s coverage.


1:15 PM: We are in position and waiting for the Gaffer, Moyes is expected to be joining us in around 15 minutes’ time.

1:10 PM: Don’t be fooled by the bright skies over The Media Centre this afternoon, it is freezing but we have made it and it should be an interesting one today.

1:00 PM: Good afternoon from a bitter Rush Green, where we have arrived to bring you live coverage of David Moyes’ Pre-Arsenal Press Conference, thank you very much for joining us today, as always I’m Luke Glanville and you can follow me on Twitter @lukegcoyi and you can also connect with us @MooreThanAClub.

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