All I’ve seen on Twitter and social media over the last couple of weeks is people blaming Kevin Nolan for West Ham’s run of bad form, and yes he’s not in his greatest form at the moment and he defiantly plays best when he has a target man to play off of which is actually when the whole team plays best. That’s the way we have worked for years play around a target man like Andy Carroll and we don’t have that at the moment which is leading to the struggles.
There is no explanation for Saturday the difference from 1st half to 2nd I don’t think anyone is able to explain. Every player including Kevin played so well first half and we won’t know why everything changed in second half but we can’t just blame one person, it’s not fair on anyone.
Everyone is using Nolan as a scapegoat just because he’s not in his best form and its getting ridiculous, Diame’s not in his best form and not playing much neither is Matt Jarvis but because Sam has stopped playing them and kept Kevin everyone’s gone mad, yes it’s well known that Sam and Kevin have a close relationship but what’s wrong with that? Playing Kev as a fake no.9 is not going to make him look great because he’s not a striker, when the whole team is back in the form we know they can be Kevin will be one of our best players and is a fantastic captain and holds our team together and sticks up for team member a lot, so there’s not a doubt in my mind that he should be playing every week.
All these jokes that he’s fat, just aren’t funny and fans are so frustrated that the team are not doing well they are blaming him and that’s not the way it should be, all fans should be getting behind every player in the team because that’s how good West Ham fans are. We get behind our team better than any other so that should mean getting behind every player and I hope in the coming weeks we get our form back and fans can start being positive again, and what better way to start than playing a team that gave us such amazing memories last year.