Coming off of another home defeat isn’t great but considering it was against a city team tipped to win the league and a squad that cost hundreds of millions I’m not too disheartened but for the first time this season it’s called to questions our defence for many reasons including no Collins and Reid’s shocker.
Our defence is normally first class so it’s down to one question Tomkins or Collins?
Yes Collins was injured this week from an international game which is a massive blow but Tomkins has been our regular starter in recent games.
James Collins is a first class defender without a shadow of a doubt but at times can be a bit hit and miss. He missed our best chance against Southampton and you can tell he was extremely frustrated with that as was most west ham fans, but I don’t think in that position we could get any better. He is now so experienced and strong and in many games I can’t fault him he really holds our team up and I for one always feel a bit more comfortable when I see him in the starting line-up. I remember his 2 goals against united in the cup game last season with Joey Cole assists and its games and goals like that which makes him such a strong member of the team, I just wish we could see him play like that a bit more.  A final thought on Collins I also think it makes Reid a better player when they are together; they built up a good partnership and push each other. James is a much more defensive minded player then Tonks at this time as well.
James Tomkins has no doubt earned his place in the recent starting line up from performances in the capital cup games and is a super defender on his day but I do question whether he needs a bit more experience before gaining a regular place, of course I know he needs games to get experience but he’s still very young and could be a future captain of the club. I think if he watches Collins for a little while longer and gets that bit stronger he could be the clubs best defender.  I do think it was important for him to start getting some games otherwise some other clubs might come looking for him due to the potential and that would be a disaster.
So who at this stage of the season who would you start?
I’d still go for Collins, for now at least. Bring on Swansea