Sunday’s game saw a fantastic result for the club and one that all fans will remember for a long time. It also saw Guy Demel and Razvan Rat play and I’m not sure that’s the best way to go, yes the results proved that it worked ok and they both played well but I would defiantly rather see the pairing on Razvan Rat playing left back and Joey O’Brien playing right back, like they did against Hull. Yes Demel has a lot of power and strength and has played for west ham for a couple of years now but I felt it worked so much better between Rat and O’Brien.
Razvan joined in the summer as one of our new players and has fitted in extremely well, with our team giving him the nickname ‘Roland Rat’, he is a very experienced player who has shown great promise in the games he’s played so far and is also becoming a fan favourite. I think we are yet to see the full potential of Rat as a hammer and do believe he should start every game.
Joey O’brien is probably our most underrated player, yes he’s gone through a lot of injury which has been difficult for him and you saw that from the way he reacted when he scored the goal against Stoke last season, he was delighted. I think if you look at it he is such an asset to the team always solid dependable, doesn’t give away too many free kicks, yes he was the one that gave the penalty against Hull but I think we all know that wasn’t really a penalty. He also does pick up the odd goal, obviously the position he plays isn’t expected to get goals but he did get 2 important ones last season. What I like about O’Brien is he’s not afraid to put himself out there and go for things, which are exactly the kind of player we need this season.
I feel sometimes you can forget Demel is playing, not all the time,  a lot of games he can get  involved quite a lot and put himself about and cause a bit of trouble for the opposition but that’s not happening a great deal at the moment. So we have a new exciting hammer and an inform O’Brien so is there really a place for Demel at the moment?