So to kick us off, I will start with the summer signings thus far. We have brought in young Poyet (Gus’ son) and he looks a very good young player. I fully expect him to be around the first team squad and featuring in cup games etc. definitely one for the future.

Next, the two full backs, which I’m over the moon with. Cresswell looks assured on the ball and has the pace and threat going forward that could make him a very good buy. Jenkinson, I’m also happy with as he is a step up from Demel, who I’m not a fan of as he lacks any pace. My only doubt with Jenko, is that he is still a bit raw. Let’s hope he isn’t too injured and it was just a precaution that made him come off early against Malaga in Germany.

Kouyate for me is key, I really think he could be an explosive player which means Noble can be the guy who sets up attacks by pressing forward. This pair in the middle of the park could be brilliant if our tactics were spot on (more on this later!!). I would also make Noble captain too. He would relish the role I believe. And with Kouyate next to him, being the powerhouse he has the physical presence to be, I think he is a great buy.

These leaves the two attackers: Zarate and Valencia. Zarate looked absolutely lost in the game against Malaga but no surprise as all we did was pump the ball up to him. That isn’t his strengths and would be a waste to continue doing so! Now for the latter, apparently Enner can’t play for three weeks as he is unfit!! What is that all about?? Giroud of Arsenal played today in the Emirates Cup and France went further in the competition. Sorry but there is no way he can be unfit! If he is, why buy him?? I do think he could be a very good player for us and with either Zarate or when fit Carroll the front TWO yes TWO could really cause problems for defences in the prem. We clearly need to doping a forward and I would go for Remy personally or someone of that ability who has done it in the prem.

Now, I hear you say what is this two upfront you seem to have made up??!! Well let me tell you, this used to be the way WHUFC used to play before the dinosaur came in and ruined our club. Who says we can’t go back to it? Anyone who says, well the rest of the prem plays with five in midfield and only one up top, I disagree with!! Man City played with Aguero and Dzeko up there last season and Louis Van Gaal who already said he plans to this season in a formation that is alien to the prem.

I played at a decent level but never professionally but was always told when I went on trails at pro clubs as a youngster was that the best form of defence is to attack. If you have the ball running at your opponents then you can’t concede!! Sadly, the dinosaur (Sam Allardyce) doesn’t grasp this concept. He has turned what used to be known the academy of football into a boring mess. It is just long ball and then when we lose it as Cole doesn’t have the ability or Zarate the strength to keep hold of it we sit back and become easy to be picked off.

For me, the whole fiasco of bring in Teddy Sheringham and saying we will play more attractive football is never going to happen under SA. He knows his days are numbered and is just waiting for his payout. It is like any walk of life, when you know you’re leaving be it a months notice or nine months notice, you start tailing off! They should have just bit the bullet and sacked him. I for one, can’t stand the guy! He is totally anti-football and being a season ticket for over twenty years I put him in the same bracket with Avram Grant, Lou Macari and Glenn Roeder!! Are there really any pro-Sam fans out there anymore?? Would love to know why if there are!! Feel free to tweet me.

I’m not saying that when you go to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Anfield etc that you should go gung ho but there are other ways of playing than parking the bus. I honestly believe that we will get beat on the opening season, not because of the way we have badly performed in pre-season but because we beat them three times last season. The law of averages says that they must beat them. If that does happen and then we struggle the couple of games that the pressure will really be on Allardyce.

Either way, I fully believe we will be hunting for a new manager come next June if not before. I just hope that it is sooner rather than later and that also means the end of players such as Nolan, Vaz Te, O’Brien as they just don’t have the ability for the prem in my opinion.

If I was the manager, I would be starting with Adrian in GK, back four of Jenko, Reid who I would offer whatever wages he wants as he should be the future with Tomkins and Cresswell. In midfield, I would have Kouyate and captain Noble along with Ravel on the wing when fit but whilst he isn’t I would play Valencia there & Zarate up top. On the other side I would have Downing supporting the top two of Valencia or Zarate if Enner is on the wing and Carroll or whoever we sign. This team is so much more attacking and would worry other defences.

Again, these are just my opinions & feel free to follow and give me your thoughts whether they’re positive or not. Again, thanks for taking the time to read this.