Its finished. The day has been and gone. Some call it ‘Jim White day’ but it is commonly known as ‘transfer deadline day’. The day football fans can’t wait for, the equivalent of Christmas for any football fan. But as a West Ham fan, I feel like a mug to be honest. We have heard “A striker is our priority” has been thrown around a lot by Big Sam and David Gold but three months after the transfer day opens we have still not got a striker and can now not get one as it is closed.
I feel cheated by the club as many promises have been set about a new striker coming in to the club to back up injury prone Andy Carroll. If you follow Mr Gold on twitter you know how much he loves mentioning Financial Fair Play Rules every time a passionate fan questions players coming in. FFP is (how i understand) a document where you cannot spend over a certain amount. Apparently we are at the limit so we could only bring in if someone went. So we had 3 months to sell players, any of the following I would’ve seen happy to go: Vaz Te, Diarra, O’Brien, Mccartney, Maiga. But no, we decided to not sell anyone and wait until the last few days to say Vaz te is up for sale and then in the dying hours of deadline day we reject a loan offer from Norwich….this made me so mad!
We are now stuck that that pile of poo Maiga up front which is ludicrous! After watching the Cheltenham and stoke game first hand and the Cardiff and Newcastle games on the T.V it begs the question how are we suppose to score a sufficient amount of goals without a half decent striker! You can see we lack creativity without being able to hoof the ball up to Carroll. The Stoke game was the worst I have ever seen us play. They looked like they wanted to be at home! It looked like the passion was sucked from every player except from young Ravel Morrison as he is young and doesn’t care about money and just wants to play football! That’s how it should be! None of this 100K a week nonsense! Or people worth 85 Million pounds! That’s mental! FOOTBALLS GONE MAD!
Anyway we need a striker from somewhere, again I suggest young Elliot Lee who has recently received the best youth player award for last season. That must show Big Sam he is worth a shot over Maiga! Please big Sam use the youth system!
Anyway that’s enough from me, I’ve been Jordan Sullivan.