Gary O'Neil returns, unfortunately

This Friday, Gary O’Neil signed a new contract at West Ham United, according to Sky Sports. He is definitely a player that divides opinion between us fans. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of O’Neil, although I do believe him to be a useful squad player. He hasn’t had one of the most high profile careers at the club, but he did prove to be good cover when Mark Noble was out injured.
He has made 56 appearances in his tenure at West Ham, scoring 3 goals in that time. Outstanding performances from Gary O’Neil are very rarely seen, although he does tend to put a good shift in. His best game in a West Ham shirt would be the West Brom game in my opinion. This is mainly because his goal from that game has stuck in my mind. His goal was one that any player would be proud of, a sweet clip on the edge of the box into the top corner of the net. Impressive, especially from Gary.
He is always seen running about trying to make opportunities for other players, but sadly that’s all it comes to most of the time. O’Neil is nothing special, and although he has proved to be a good squad player, I was glad to see him turn down a new contract. Us, as a club, are supposed to be moving forward and the ambitious signing of Andy Carroll shows that. O’Neil is not a step forward, if anything he is a step back, and we should have released him when we could. If losing Gary O’Neil really does worry Big Sam so much, then let me be the first to tell him there are plenty of better replacements out there. We could even have another winger instead of him. With that piece of information in mind we could sign Scott Sinclair, Nathan Redmond and even James Milner. I wouldn’t mind seeing any one of those player at West Ham and I can assure you they would be much better that Gary O’Neil.
In my opinion Gary O’Neil is a player we should be looking to get rid of, not resign! There are many suitable replacements out here, many of which are much better that Gary. I think it could be a mistake resigning O’Neil if we are looking to move forward as club.

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