West Ham’s win against Burnley capped off our 2016/17 Premier League campaign. Although it was considered a bad season we actually haven’t fallen that far… table wise anyway. Four places below our last seasons finish and for the second time in consecutive seasons, we have finished above last season’s Champions.

However, for me, this season has been my first as a season ticket holder and our first season at the London Stadium so it will hold a special place in my heart. To cap off this season I have compiled a series of top 5s. Let me know whether you agree or disagree, or if there’s any that I’ve missed…

Favorite Games:

This has been tough, we haven’t won that many fixtures at home for a start and when we have they have often been cagey or dull affairs with a goal either way. As a result, there may be a few on here that surprise you…

1. West Ham United 1 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur – I’m not sure I need to say a lot about this fixture. A London derby under the lights, the stadium was rocking and we beat the spuds.

2. West Ham United 3 – 0 Crystal Palace – The only game we looked convincing and the away fans left before we did. Oh, and Carroll scored the best goal I’ve ever seen. Incredible.

3. West Ham United 1 – 0 Swansea City – This game was tense and frustrating but the fans stayed loud throughout and the stadium began to feel like home. The win also helped secure our Premier League status.

4. West Ham United 1 – 0 AFC Bournemouth – First game of the season and a late winner. Dull and fustrating at times but always appreciate a late winner and I was pumped to be back watching Premier League football.

5. West Ham United 2 – 3 Leicester City – Best of a bad bunch… Honest! This game kept me entertained and engaged throughout. Thought we were going to get the equalizer but sadly not to be. It was a good day out with some Leicester mates too.

Best Away Fans:

Credit where credit is due, we have had some noisy visitors to the London Stadium this season. The criteria for this is mostly noise level so don’t go thinking I have too much respect for some of those listed below…

1. Chelsea – They won the league and are London rivals. Can you blame them?

2. Stoke City – The regular well co-ordinated ‘Delilah’ was both impressive and loud. Especially with a gap between both sets of supporters. Consistent throughout.

3. Liverpool – Again, on a bit of a roll and the comfortable victory had the supporters in fine voice throughout.

4. Arsenal – Pretty easy to be singing when you’re giving us a good hiding…

5. West Bromwich – Ugh, pretty grim lot but made enough noise to make the top five. Rewarded with a late goal.

Biggest Pet Peeves:

1. Leaving Early/Empty Seats – Due to the decision to keep all the seats white. It’s obvious when people have decided they can’t be bothered. Very inspiring for the lads… Worked out a bloke near me leaves at 70 minutes each week, totaling four whole games a season (not including the ones he’s missed). Then has the cheek to moan about ticket prices. Really?

2. Moaning – Two minutes in and fans are singing about the stadium, booing a side wards pass and telling Calleri he’s s***e (not that you’d be wrong). You’d have expected some of these supporters to at least, you know, support?

3. Queuing – You would of thought with all these World class facilities I would be able to get in before kick off and have time to buy a pint at half time.

4. Fighting – Grow up lads. Don’t embarrass us all with your little spat.

5. “I don’t know” – Often a classic line you’ll hear from the stewards who obviously don’t care… Unless you’re stood up of course. Big no, no.

Favorite Goals:

Despite some of the results, we have been spoilt with some outstanding goals this season. Here are my top picks:

1. Andy Carroll vs. Crystal Palace – I don’t care if I’m biased, it’s the goal of the season. Absolutely outrageous goal by the big man, I’ve not seen a better West Ham goal live.

2. Dimitri Payet vs. Middlesbrough – Although still a snake, Payet left us with a fabulous parting goal. It was almost Messi like, he dribbled past half the Middlesborough team, sat the defense on their arse and rolled it past the keeper. World class.

3. Winston Reid vs. Sunderland – When a 94th-minute winner is scored by a centre back, you expect a scrappy header, Reid composed himself like a striker to turn and smash the ball into the bottom corner from outside the box. Massive relief.

4. Kouyate vs. Swansea – A goal that typified the player. All about the power to drive through the Swansea and laser the ball into the bottom corner. It was a massive goal in the step towards safety.

5. Lanzini vs Leicester City – I really struggled to pick between Lanzini’s goal vs Palace or this one but I’ve gone for this one. Lanzini showed why he’s been shoved into the spotlight post-Payet and whipped the ball perfectly into the top corner. This goal laid down a message to any doubters. Lanzini is our man.