As the end of the season gets closer we can’t help but think to summer and hope the rest of the season goes to plan. At the moment it looks like we’re staying up but there is an air of caution because it’s so tight at the bottom of the table and we have a tough run of fixtures for the last 6 or so games.

In terms of players in the summer of course we need some new ones but a few of the ones we have now, I believe need new or extended contracts. To start with Adrian. I would love his contract to be extended because he clearly loves the club and is an amazing goalkeeper so will have a future at the club. However because he’s so good other clubs are always going to be interested so I think a longer contract would make the fans happy and be a good secure player for the club going forward.

Winston Reid obviously needs a new contract and fast, he’s our best defender I have no doubt about that which is why it’s so surprising he’s not playing at the moment and it is a worry. That will begin to frustrate him but I think it is worth paying him as much as Carroll. Other clubs are after him which is why it will be important to get it sorted as soon as possible.

For the not so obvious I believe Matt Taylor should be offered a new contract, of course a few good games doesn’t warrant a new contract but it does prove that in the right frame of mind and position he can be a fantastic player for the club. We signed Armero and if he stays, which I think that club are quite keen to get sorted, he will play in George McCartney’s position. I have been really impressed with George in the last few games, so maybe he won’t be playing too much and is injury prone but I do think it will be worth giving him a new contract as it would make a good back up should we ever need somebody in that position.