Enough to defend Allardyce?

The end of the season. A very sad time for football fans all over the world as they ponder for something to do and many go into hibernation. But on good thing does come out of the end of the season. And that is the Transfer Market. The few months before a season were teams can restock there players and sell players they no longer need. West Ham have made some signings already, such as Rat and Adrian. And with the likely signing of Big Andy Carroll does anyone else feel like we need a bit more protection in defence. I know other areas of our gameplay aren’t nailed down yet but surely that would be the best place to start. With the likes of Aguero, Van Persie, Torres *pauses for laugh* shouldn’t we be spending big money on defenders. Yes, a goal scorer is important but if you concede 3 goals a game it is useless. There has been a lot of speculation on Big Sam’s future at the club and he has recently signed a deal to stay longer so I believe to keep the fans on his side he needs to buy some defenders that are solid and (preferably) are young. I’m not saying we will be able to bring in the likes of Vidic or Varane but we need a solid defender who will stay with us for years to come. Here is who I think we should get.
My first option would be Cheikhou Kouyaté. For those of you not aware of this player and I guarantee there is a few of you here are some things you need to know. He is a 23 year old centre back who can also play as a defensive midfielder. He is 6”4 so he will be able to win headers against the best in the league and will also benefit West Hams style of play and give him the ball in the air if needed. He plays for Anderlecht and is Senegalese. Reasons why  I think we should get him is he is quite a pacey player regardless of his height and has hinted in previous news conferences that he would love to play in the Premier League and it would be a dream come true.
My second and last option would be Martin Montoya. You may have heard of him as he is in the Barcelona squad. He is a 5”8 full back with lots of pace and ability and at the age of 22 still has lots of potential to grow into a great player. He was overlooked in the Barcelona squad until this season where he has become a occasional first team player. I still think West Ham could get him if the right money is offered. I believe we need another full back that is fast and can put in a decent cross. The only crosser we have is Matt Jarvis and we cannot leave it to him all the time.
This is only my opinion and do honestly think we need another defender or two just to make it safe. I will say I am pleased with the signing of Adrian as he is a young goalkeeper and of what I have seen is quite good and it is wellneeded as Jussi can’t go on forever!!

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