We’re not at the end of the season yet, but as it approaches there is one player who seems to have massively split opinion between West Ham fans. Stewart Downing. I have no complaints about his first season with us. I think time after time he has been the best player on the pitch and the one that’s created chance after chance. Due to Jarvis not performing great this season we relied a lot on Downing and he didn’t let us down.

He’s had his back luck this season, the tackle that left him in hospital during the Liverpool game that wasn’t even given as a foul, but that’s our luck with ref’s left him out for a month and I think we really lacked at the time. He was as big a miss as Carroll and Reid, arguably our two best players. At the time of signing him everyone was extremely frustrated because we knew we needed a striker and as much as not getting that striker led to bad position we were in, I would never regret signing him now. He is quite a creative player and I think that’s needed in our squad because it hasn’t really had any. He brings pace and positive energy because I always feel he has the skill to score.

Of course he has not yet got a goal this season which is very frustrating and he does deserve one. He came so close against Sunderland but it was a great save by their keeper. I think if they are both fit then his partnership with Carroll could pay massive dividends next season. It would be quite something for him to get his first goal on Sunday but we just have to hope for the best. As long as we all see the players having as best go as they can I’ll be happy.