Did Parker deserve the boo’s he got?
I wouldn’t say I booed Scott Parker on Monday night over Upton Park but I can safely say I 100% didn’t welcome him back with open arms or clap him when he went off.
I think fans who decided to boo Parker were fully in their rights to do so. Yes he gave his all while at West Ham and won Hammer of the Year three times but if we are being honest there wasn’t much competition for him. At the end of the day though he decided to leave West Ham, a club that meant the world to him, and join one of their biggest rivals Tottenham Hotspur. If he ‘loved the club’ that much he would have stayed at West Ham to help us get promoted. He wanted that move to Tottenham and didn’t come out and say otherwise. I feel he wanted to move to Tottenham a long time before the end of the season as well. I remember being in the pub watching Tottenham vs Chelsea and the camera zoomed in on two people in the stand. These two people were Scott Parker and Jamie Redknapp. Obviously at this moment in time Redknapp’s father was the manager of Tottenham. This could have been innocent as Parker is supposed to be a Tottenham fan but I just think it was too much of a coincidence that he was there with the son of the Tottenham manager.
Don’t get me wrong I would never have a go at anybody who decided to clap Parker when ever he returns for West Ham because I know that he did always give 100% while he was at West Ham and if we had more players like him in the side we might have stayed in the Premier League instead of getting relegated.
I just feel that all fans are allowed to their opinion and both opinions about Parker are correct. I saw somebody say that West Ham fans always seem to boo players that come back to play at Upton Park for another club but if that club is Tottenham I can fully understand why people would want to boo that player. Then on the other it was Scott Parker who did his best for West Ham and I can also understand why people would welcome back with open arms and clap him.
I am now going to give my opinion and if I am being honest I hate the fact that he left our club to join Tottenham when I am pretty sure that he knew how much many of the West Ham fans would hate him for doing this and he never really tried to get a move to another club. Look I loved him while he was at West Ham and the heart he showed was unreal but the moment I saw him in that Tottenham top all the feelings just seemed to vanish and I don’t think any West Ham can blame me for that. Although saying this I didn’t boo him but it made me feel extremely angry to see him in a Tottenham shirt playing at Upton Park and I just can’t help that.

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