Mohammed Diame has had a very different season to the last one. He has played well below what he is capable of and has often looked disinterested in games. With this in mind, I feel we need to get rid of him in the summer.

He has been quite poor this season to say the least. He has not had his heart in the games and it seems to have been since his head was turned when there was speculation of a move to another club. I know people will argue that he has been played out of position, often out on the wing, but as a player that likes to get forward a lot, it shouldn’t be problem. He has plenty of skill which should only help him on the wing.

Let’s take last night’s game for example. Although he played a major role in us getting the first goal by winning the penalty, he didn’t do much else. His passing was all over the place and often tried to do too much with the ball causing us to lose possession.  After losing the ball he would often walk to get back, just staring at the ball. On the other wing we had Downing who kept running back and helping out the full back.

Personally I don’t want a player who does not have his heart in the game. I think should a good offer come in we should accept. This money should be reinvested in other parts of the squad, as we have other midfielders who could do his job.

What do you think?