Why I don’t want Di Canio as West Ham boss – yet…..
With the recent dip in form suffered by West Ham United before the victory over Swansea City at the weekend, it caused a lot of West Ham supporters to question the tactics and team lineups used by manager Sam Allardyce.
Sitting just below mid table for a newly promoted team, is a very good place to be, much better than in the bottom 3 without the points on the board. But this recent dip has prompted a lot of supporters to call for the head of Allardyce and to replace him with Paolo Di Canio.
For me, Allardyce has been keen, in the successful transformation of a club on the way down, to our rise in fortunes and a bright future that we now have. To replace Allardyce after a few defeats is ludicrous, I want Allardyce here for as long as possible, and for as long as we can see improvement in the squad, the style of play, the use of our Academy, and getting better financially. Allardyce has been keen to all of this, and I feel the signings he has made, although mostly loans or short term deals, is what is going to see us through to a better future with the new TV money coming in, and potential investment from our move to the Olympic Stadium.
As for Di Canio, well he is certainly making a name for himself at Swindon Town. Promotion in his first season, and then currently sitting in the playoff places in League 1, this is no mean feat. However, this is only his second season as a football manager. He has had it all his own way until recently when a player was sold behind his back. I have no doubt, that one day, Di Canio will return to his spiritual home, and become first team manager. But at the moment, he is cutting his teeth in the lower leagues where he is learning. He is learning how to deal with players as a manager, he is learning how to deal with a Chairman interfering, he is learning how to deal with agents. He is learning how to use tactics in a game, and trying new things with his players. I want Di Canio to be able to learn that sort of thing, without there being any risk to West Ham. If Di Canio were to come in now, he would struggle. For me, I would rather have Allardyce, a manager whose Premier League pedigree is only beaten by Redknapp, Wenger, Ferguson, Moyes and Benitez. We need that stability after the problems we have had in the last decade with the change in managers, the change in owners, the financial problems, and the rubbish players we signed. We are now looking at a very bright future, where first and foremost, Premier League consolidation is paramount. Stability in the boardroom is vital also, and then reducing the debt, so that in future years, we have a solid foundation with which to sign players and progress the playing staff.
I like to think that one day, Di Canio will lead the Hammers out at the Olympic Stadium –for now, Allardyce is doing a fantastic job in order that a young manager, like Di Canio, can come in and lead us to a glorious future.

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