There may not be much love lost between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur fans but credit where it is due.

Traditionally West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur don’t get on.

Whether it is supporters teasing and tormenting one another, the clubs fighting over a stadium or going through the courts over an alleged spying scandal (BBC Sport).

The rivalry between West Ham and Spurs has grown bigger over the Premier League era.

Tottenham fans claim they are not bothered by West Ham. Just like Arsenal fans used to claim they were not bothered about Spurs.

The truth is they are, even if their team is a tier above the Hammers in the Premier League pecking order.

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Rivalries cast to one side for now in common fight but club leaders drag Spurs and Hammers names through the mud

Rivalries can be put to one side as we all fight a common enemy, the coronavirus.

West Ham and Tottenham fans have both seen their names dragged through the mud by their leaders in the wake of the coronavirus.

First vice-chairman Karren Brady somehow made herself more unpopular by becoming the first senior Premier League club official to break ranks following the enforced shutdown, declaring the season should be null and void (The Sun).

Brady and West Ham were accused of distasteful self-interest.

So too were Spurs. First Harry Kane insisted the season should be cancelled if it cannot be restarted in June (Sky Sports). A cancelled season would likely see Tottenham reinstated in the Champions League for a new campaign.

Then Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy caused uproar by placing 550 non-playing staff on the government’s furlough scheme (BBC Sport).

Levy, who was the Premier League’s best-paid exec last season with £7million, confirmed in a club statement: “The club’s operations have effectively ceased, some of our fans will have lost their jobs and most will be worried about their future.”

Against the backdrop of death and economic disaster across the country, Tottenham’s actions have been widely criticised.

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Credit where it is due to Tottenham fans

So credit where it is due to Tottenham fans after they turned on their club and demanded their players bare the brunt (The Sun).

Spurs fans are outraged the club’s non-playing staff are feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis while the footballers continue to receive full pay.

Now the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust has hit out at their club’s leadership, calling on players and directors to make a further voluntary contribution “so that the most vulnerable do not bear too great a burden”.

“What has most angered fans, who care that their club does the right thing, is that an organisation that is perceived to be very wealthy is cutting staff pay and asking for government help while the most well-remunerated individuals under its umbrella maintain their earnings.

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