I have written about Kevin Nolan so many times this season and he’s been the hot topic of conversation all season, unfortunately not for the right reasons most of the time. He’s now scored 4 goals in the last 2 games, and that’s 2 with Carroll and 2 without and that’s our captain that the majority of fans love.
Once again he was man of the match voted by the fans on Twitter, which is great to see because we all know that’s what he’s capable of. After the match he came out and said that he had let everyone round him down over the last couple of months and fans as well but there was never any doubt for me that he knew that. The frustration took over him and he took it a step too far and ended up missing 7 games, which is a lot in any season but felt like more the season we’re going through at the moment. His quality in front of goal is undoubtable, but we know that from last season. He’s finally on 6 goals for the season and I think and hope he will get to double figures again by the end of the season and be our top goal scorer.

For any player to come out and say how bad it’s been deserves a great amount of respect. All the talk of people saying his captaincy should have been taken away after what happened would not of done anything to help the situation. Mark Noble or Winston Reid will get their chance to be captain if they are both still at the club in years to come. For all the players to give him a special mention after the game especially Carroll and Cole and even Borriello will mean a lot to him and special mention from Big Sam as well because I think he needed that praise as a boost and I think he can go on a goal scoring run now. He is a great captain and I think he has the respect of everyone in the changing room and even though he never lost mine it’s fantastic to see him getting it back from some of the fans that lost a bit of respect for him earlier on.