I’ve seen a lot of comments on social media suggesting that those who booed West Ham this weekend against Swansea are “plastic fans” and didn’t deserve to go to the game and back the team. How can they be plastic fans? I have only been a season ticket holder at the club for five years and over the past few games it has been perhaps the most frustrating to watch West Ham play. Our excuse last season for poor results were teething problems of moving to a new stadium and trying to get used to the new size pitch.

However, for fans on social media to turn on those who have paid money to go to the game and watch a very boring and stale game at possibly the best way to describe it is disappointing because they have the right to show their opinion.

Andre Ayew was having a very poor game and the fans were right to vent their anger when he lost the ball and failed to attempt to win the ball back from the opposition. The same can be said for Aaron Cresswell he has had a poor few games and he rarely put a good ball into the box. The most disappointing thing of the match itself was when Javier Hernandez was taken off for the eventual goal scorer Diafra Sakho, many fans including myself thought that it should’ve been Andy Carroll that was taken off after he had played poorly and wasn’t making much of an impact as Hernandez started to make once Lanzini had been introduced to the game.


The fans should be able to show their displeasure of what’s happening and be able to help spur the team on without other fans being upset. The decision Bilic had made to take off Ayew may have been influenced by the fans anger which made him bring on the eventual assister Arthur Masuaku.

What people need to realise is this isn’t the 1960’s-70’s anymore and fans are more dominant in the stands and that most managers and players care a lot less the club that they are with because most are dominated by the money they get paid not the respect that fans give them.

I can see why some fans may be upset about the team and manager being booed however it is the only way that the fans can actually get on the teams back when they are playing poor because sometimes cheering doesn’t seem to spur them on to win the game.

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