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West Ham United and Everton are both big clubs and were two of the busiest in the transfer window.

In reality neither are likely to threaten the Premier League elite.

At best they will be competing against one another for a Europa League spot.

Both are similar sized clubs with big fanbases and fiercely loyal support.

Everton have been more successful over the years without doubt.

But to argue over who is the bigger or better club seems futile and pointless.

So why then have the Hammers and Toffees developed one of the more bizarre rivalries in the top flight?

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Where’s the love gone?

West Ham have brought in a high calibre manager in Manuel Pellegrini who has managed some big European clubs including Real Madrid.

Everton have taken a chance on a former Watford and Hull manager in Marco Silva, who has landed the biggest job of his career so far.

Both clubs have splashed the cash in the transfer market this summer spending almost £200 million combined.


And their pursuit of players of a similar ilk over the past few seasons seems to have driven a wedge between two sets of fans who used to admire one another.

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A pointless rivalry

Social media has been awash with rows between West Ham and Everton fans for some time.

And they seem to reignite everytime the window opens.

Polls asking ‘Which is the bigger club’ are being pushed out increasingly on Twitter.

When Sam Allardyce compared Everton to West Ham and Newcastle last season it enraged some Toffees supporters which in turn angered bemused Hammers fans who mocked their misplaced arrogance.

But both sets of fans need to take stock.

Mutual respect lost?

At best the clubs are competing for a place in a competition few want to be involved in – the dreaded Europa League.

At worst a failure to gel – like last season – would see them competing to stay in the division.

The mutual respect which used to exist between West Ham and Everton was more befitting of two historic English cult clubs.

This bizarre and pointless new rivalry should be put to bed.

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