It’s a question that always comes up in sports and one that many are tired of, but after 8 yellow cards in a match (which put WHU in the history books) I think it needs to be addressed.
In their last game the foul count was 12 to Southampton and 10 to West Ham. Against Queens Park Rangers WHU committed a massive 21 fouls while QPR gave away only 9. On average this season they are committing over 14 fouls a game which is not great and definitely not something to be proud of. However it could be a lot worse and my view is that many of these fouls are because of late tackles. This is understandable as they have only just been promoted from the Championship and are still adjusting to the faster paced game. I do not believe they are a ‘dirty’ team.
What about the players themselves? Loyalty is an important factor often overlooked but important non the less. Carlton Cole turned down offers from other clubs last year and even took a 50% wage cut in order to stay with WHU. I think this is important as it not only shows loyalty but belief and determination as well.
Our captain, Kevin Nolan has only been with us a short time but has done amazing things. He scored the first goal in the Premier League for them meaning a 1-0 win. He also in my opinion inspires the team and is a role model for them. They look up to him as a player and a friend, especially with loan signing Andy Carroll.
Although the foul tally could be lower, I believe West Ham are an outstanding team whom on most counts are a good example and an inspiration.