After the win over Wigan, West Ham has achieved a magical fourty two points. If we review past Premier League tables it could be enough to continue, for one more year, in the best league in the world. Mission accomplished. At the beginning of the season that was the objective and, again, Sam Allardyce has achieved it. In his first year at Upton Park, Big Sam wins us promotion and this year, he keeps the team in Premier League without too much trouble.
I say this because the manager has been picked on. Many fans think he isn’t the best man for West Ham but his work is clear, two years and two accomplished missions, not bad. It’s true he doesn’t play “tiki-taka” football but I think West Ham shouldn’t play this with the type of players we have. Carroll, Vaz Tê, Carlton, Jarvis and more, play well in the current system and it will be difficult for them to play in another way. The team has changed since Sam’s arrival but I think he is building a stronger squad with players who believe in their manager and it isn’t easy. So, I think Gold and Sullivan should offer him a new contract.
Perhaps he isn’t the best manager for the team, but I think there isn’t another manager better than him at this moment. The season is, virtually, over and West Ham will continue in Premier League next season. This is thanks to Allardyce’s work. He is not liked by some but he is the manager of the promotion and the manager who has held the team in Premier League. Don’t forget it.