I’ve held off talking about ref’s so far this season but Sunday’s pushed it over the limit. I would say it appears we as a club always get the worst decisions from ref’s and they really don’t like us and I do believe that however I’m sure all supporters feel the same about their club so I won’t dwell on that point.
The overall point is that current refs in the premier league are a disgrace and I feel for countries that are going to have to deal with Webb in Brazil. It’s not only their shocking decision making but what appears to be complete lack of awareness of what is going on around them. Yes we’ve had decisions that have gone our way this season and of course I’m grateful for that but the ones that stick in my mind are the ones that went against us. Starting with the latest one, a penalty given against Adrian and the ref didn’t even have a clear view. This means that he should only give a decision such as this, if he is 100% sure.

Of course the Carroll decision will be one we will never forget but another that sticks in my mind is Fellaini against City when he elbowed Zabaleta in the face and the ref was standing directly in front of the both of them and didn’t send him off? So many times this season we’ve been talking about refs after the game not the football and that is wrong. If Sam gets fined for his comments then I couldn’t care less he’s told the truth and others need to do the same. The FA need a massive change in refs so next season they don’t dominate.