I often say West Ham never play two half’s the same, if we play well in the first half then we won’t play as good second half. More often than not that seems to be the case so as we are getting to half way through the season, I’m hoping we don’t play the same way as we have been doing and I think there is reason to be hopeful that we won’t.

I know it keeps being delayed but Andy Carroll really shouldn’t be too far away from a return to the team and I think that will improve the confidence of the whole team, which is really what they need. I don’t want all the pressure to be put on Carroll he doesn’t deserve it, it’s not his fault he’s injured and he wants to be out there for the team. With him back in the team, we should have someone that can hold up the ball, who can score, create a positive energy and make opportunities for others to score, for example Kevin Nolan.

Winston Reid also shouldn’t be out too much longer come January, which is so important because he is our best defender and one of best players and our defence is struggling. Tonks has been good but has got himself into quite a bit of trouble which the very last thing the team need. Collins, even though on his day can be like a rock, it seems is struggling making mistakes and errors that are costing us goals. So Winston back will be a great bonus for the squad.

January of course also means the transfer window and I hope we can get some quality players in that are going to really improve the squad. A striker and defender are the most important players that we have to go for no matter what. We have been linked with a fair few players already some good, some not so good but I hope we end up with the right one. These 3 things all go to plan and I see no reason why the team won’t improve and get back to winning ways. I honestly think we’ll be ok and we won’t go down.