With Alpari set to take over as our official sponsors next season is this the start of a new era for West Ham? A £3 million a year deal was agreed with Alpari earlier in the week and will be our new kit sponsors taking over from our current sponsors SBOBET. Could this be the start of a series of sponsorship deals?
The reason for me saying this is because West Ham have been named as preferred bidders of the Olympic Stadium and surely with us moving into the stadium we will be granted with a number of sponsorship offers. Already it has been rumoured that West Ham will be getting a new kit brand come the end of the season and this would make sense with the new kit sponsor. Many people have been claiming that Adidas are set to become the new brand of our beloved kit, and this would make sense with a move to the Olympic Stadium on the horizon. If this is true then this could prove to be a good move for West Ham as many people are saying that they would love to have an Adidas kit and also there is bound to be a bit of money involved. Adidas must be up there with the likes of Umbro and Nike in terms of football kits so a multi-million pund sum will no doubt come West Ham’s way.
In football we all know that money speaks volumes. With all this extra money being pumped into the club then surely this would be used wisely by the owners, whether it be on contracts, new players or even on the club’s debt. For me I would like to see the money going into new players as we need to make sure that come next season if we are in the Premier League then we need to ensure survival. I know that the rumoured Adidas sponsorship could be in a few more years but we would have some money from the £9 million Alpari deal. Although this is not a lot in football nowadays there must be some decent players we can buy for this. For all we know we might find the next Michu.
These sponsorship deals could all be linked with the Olympic Stadium and although I would love to stay at Upton Park, I think that we must move to take the club forward. This could prove all worth while if we do gain a few pounds out of it.
What do you make of all of this? Would you be happy to have Adidas as the new kit sponsor? Do you think that West Ham must move to take the club forward?

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