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A message to Mark Noble: Stop the moaning and grand prophecies and prove it on the pitch

Mark Noble is a living legend at West Ham United but he needs to stop falling into the same old traps.

Nobody knows more about the psyche of West Ham as a football club than homegrown captain Noble.

The midfielder clocked up his 475th appearance for West Ham in the 2-0 defeat at Everton.

Unfortunately for Noble it was probably one of the worst of the lot.

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But he was not alone on Saturday. Very few in a West Ham shirt emerged from the game at Goodison Park with any credit.

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Noble getting carried away

What the game – and recent performances and results in general – has served to highlight, though, is how wrong Noble has got things off the pitch so far this season.

Noble has made a series of bold statements, grand prophecies and even had a moan about bad luck. If it is not on the official site it is Sky Sports, BT Sport or The Evening Standard, Noble has not been shy in bigging up the Hammers.

Let’s address the bad luck first. Yes West Ham have had a couple of VAR calls go against them. But they have had two in their favour which stopped goals. One against Manchester City and another at Brighton which may have cost them a point.

Noble is also forgetting huge slices of fortune at Watford and against Norwich where two contenders for miss of the season spared the Hammers with the games in the balance. They went on to win both.

Noble himself could have been sent off on two occasions this season but was let off with yellow cards.

And as for the bold statements. Telling one and all in interviews that this is the best West Ham squad for at least 15 years and possibly 30 years has been terribly misjudged.

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Skipper must manage expectations better

Noble has got it horribly wrong for a start. That has been proved in recent weeks as the laughable lack of strength in depth in the West Ham squad has been exposed.

Noble predicted West Ham can do something special this season. Well they are already out of a cup that they had a realistic chance of winning after a pathetic 4-0 defeat at Oxford and the Hammers have been brought crashing down to earth in the Premier League too.

There is nothing wrong with being confident and ambitious.

But that ambition has not been matched by the owners who gave Manuel Pellegrini a paltry £25million to spend in the summer.

It is no wonder West Ham have a lack of strength in depth given that laughable figure.

Indeed Pellegrini only has one proven striker in his entire squad and no suitable back-up for Lukasz Fabianski or Declan Rice.

Noble should know better about getting carried away when it comes to West Ham.

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West Ham loves you Nobes but prove it on the pitch not in the press

The start to the season has been average at best given the fixtures played.

Noble should be playing things down and keeping it on an even keel, not fanning the ludicrous top six flames.

THAT is his job as captain.

You can’t talk your way into the top six. You have to show determination, quality and consistency to have a chance.

At this rate the current Hammers team and squad will have to go some to even get close to the team of 2015/16 let alone the likes of the Boys of 86.

West Ham loves you Mark. But less is more when it comes to talking up West Ham.

Concentrate on your job and let outsiders build the club up if the team’s form dictates it.

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