Another week and another week where activities away from the pitch have seen West Ham in the headlines. While our administrative issue with “doping control” seems rather trivial, it’s yet another stick to beat the club with. It also looks likely that Jose Fonte is set to move to the Chinese Super League with the club no doubt bracing itself for the inevitable backlash as a player that no one seems to have wanted moves on. Fonte is a decent centre-back no doubt but his signing served to highlight the lack of any real planning to our transfer policy. We sold James Tomkins in the summer to Crystal Palace for 10 million and then signed Fonte in the winter transfer window for 8.5 million, no doubt Fonte’s wages would be far greater and he is 6 years Tomkins senior, that of course is ignoring the impact of selling one of the homegrown players and effectively replacing him with a higher earner would have on an already fractious dressing room.

The discontent with the board is growing and the support for the Real West Ham Fans Action Group is really increasing, the RWHFAG make some salient points about the position we find ourselves in and I greatly admire the fact that they sought to highlight very important issues, such as the plight of the vendors around the old ground and the price of tickets, two issues which haven’t been addressed since the move. The guys who created the group have clearly done it for the right reasons, what is sad is people’s reaction to those who do not wish to be involved or perhaps do not agree with the points. Let’s be clear you can support West Ham and disagree and you shouldn’t be attacked for your own opinion, the division it creates is sad, it’s not the fault of RWFAG, it’s about people respecting each other’s rights to a different opinion.

Liverpool are next up for the Hammers and a trip to Anfield, which historically hasn’t been a happy place for the Hammers, although they are unbeaten in the last 3 visits. Jurgen Klopp’s side are one the most entertaining in the division and in Mo Salah they have one the best players in the world at the moment. Liverpool’s speed on the counter-attack is breathtaking. Mane, Salah and Firmino are something to behold but I don’t think West Ham will set up to attack Liverpool and against a deep-lying defence they can struggle without the guile of Coutinho. West Ham must be solid and hit the channels for Antonio and Arnautovic to stretch and attack Liverpool’s weak point which can be got at.

Liverpool are a top side and have the capability to tear any team apart, don’t ask me why but I am confident of getting a result!



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