If this week for West Ham didn’t have enough ups and downs already then this morning all fans were in for a shock when we found out that star player Ravel Morrison had been arrested and retained in custody for the alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend and her mother.

It is worth saying at this current time we do not know if he’s guilty or the outcome of the case however he will be kept in police custody until the 7Th of August. We know course he does have previous with the police, in 2011 he admitted to witness intimidation and also got in trouble for a twitter threat that saw him be fined £7000.

It’s not good for the club whatever you look at it but we know he’s always found it hard to settle and focus on his football. When he left Manchester, Sir Alex Ferguson said ‘Needs to get away from Manchester and start a new life’, this should have been our first indication that he was difficult to deal with if Ferguson was not able to get him to focus. Big Sam isn’t liked by West Ham fans, especially not at the moment. However he has always commented on the discipline of Morrison and he was probably right and we all know he needs to be focusing more on our season and staying up, than constantly having to watch this young 21 year old who keeps getting himself into trouble.


It was obvious that Twitter would react badly to the news as he is so many people’s favorite player and does have unbelievable skill but it really isn’t worth comparing him and this case to Andy Carroll’s situation when he was younger or even Tonks because they are different scenario.

West Ham have now got a big decision on their hands after the board have said this week they see him having a future at the club, I’m not sure the fans or board themselves will be too sure now.


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