Following the recent press coverage of the arrest of James Tomkins at the weekend, what should the club do about it?  It certainly puts West Ham United boss, Sam Allardyce, in a difficult position.
As supporters, we don’t know the full facts of the case, but to be arrested for being drunk and disorderly, assaulting a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest, doesn’t really look very good does it?  I was surprised to hear that it was James Tomkins in trouble, as he doesn’t really seem the sort of lad to behave in that manner.
It’s also upsetting for the club, to see one of it’s Academy products, drag the name of the club, through the mud, especially around the festive period.  West Ham players don’t seem to have much luck around the Christmas holidays, with the likes of Andy Carroll, Trevor Sinclair, Neil Ruddock and Hayden Foxe, all previously being accused of various acts around this time of year, in years gone past.
It puts a lot of pressure on Big Sam as well. Does he play him, and put him in the spotlight?  To be honest, with the lack of options, I don’t see many options other than play him, and hope that he can put in some good performances, and remain professional.
One thing is for sure, he has let down Big Sam, his team mates and more importantly, the supporters.  I’m positive though, that with the senior players we have at the club, they will keep Tomkins on the straight and narrow, and the club will deal with any convictions he may receive, accordingly.