West Ham’s actual average attendance at The London Stadium is more than 10,000 fewer than the official reported figures, BBC Sport reports.

BBC Sport sent Freedom of Information requests to local councils and police forces to ascertain whether some Premier League sides exaggerate their attendances.

The stats

West Ham’s average attendance has been recorded as 55,309. That is 97% of the club’s capacity.

But in reality, the Hammers only fill 75% of the London Stadium on average, with an actual crowd of 42,779.

A half-empty stadium as West Ham restart after the 3rd goal during the West Ham United v Southampton F.A. Premier League match at the London Stadium on September 25th 2016 in London (Photo by Tom Jenkins/Getty Images)

This is according to figures collated by Newham Council with a sample size of 12 games.

The discrepancy between the actual average and the reported average is 12,530 or 22% capacity.

Top of the league

Of the seven clubs who were included in this report, West Ham finished top of the pile.

These misreported figures put West Ham at the top of the wrong league table with a clear margin of more than 5,000 difference.


Manchester City, in second place, have a difference of 7,482. Southampton are third with just over 4,000.

Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Watford also report discrepancies, while Manchester United are spot on with 0% difference.

Are we shocked?

This news will not come as a surprise to West Ham fans. The London Stadium is often seen with many missing seats, especially when West Ham are playing badly.

The official figures will probably be reported on tickets sold. Unfortunately, many fans decide not to turn up so the actual attendance is lower than the ticket sales.

The accuracy of the report is up for debate and 12 games is a small sample size to compare.

But with only 75% capacity being filled each week, it is time for West Ham to start attracting the fans back to the games.

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