After the draw against Stoke at the weekend, which in all honestly feels like a defeat because the team didn’t deserve any points, it has become almost certain that Sam will not be at the club next season. The reaction of the fans was telling and the reactions of the owner’s sons who were also less than impressed with the dismal display West Ham put on. To add insult to injury it does look like Sakho may be out for a few weeks and Valencia a big doubt as well.

The worrying thing is that there hasn’t been a clear favourite for the new manager from the fans or experts. As much as some fans will not like this, Moyes is the most sensible option for our new manager. Did he do a great job at Manchester United? No. However he did at Everton, he made sure they were consistently in the top 10 and fighting for the top six places, which is where the team are at right now, no better than that. As much as it may been seen at a step sideways it wouldn’t be, the fans would be more positive, some of the players would be happier and get more of a chance, as would young players, but most importantly there would be a sense of calmness around the club that there hasn’t been with Sam for a long time.

Bilic hasn’t got premier league experience, Benitez would probably want to go a better club should he leave, Howes isn’t proven enough, Gus Poyet and Paulo Di Canio not good enough, so unless Sam stays Moyes is the best option. Another positive is he knows how to keep a team in the premier league which some of the others don’t and that has to be the clubs number one priority ready for the new stadium.
One of the biggest factors about getting Moyes is he a point to prove. He will be so desperate to show that he has what it takes in English football that he will work harder and want to make people stand up and notice him. He can do that with West Ham because we have the basis of a good squad there’s no doubt about that so with a determined manager we can get back on track.

If he comes, if Sam goes it need to happen days after the season finishes no later because whoever the new manager is they need the whole summer to re-form the squad.

Whichever manager it is, if there is one, we can be pretty confident that they won’t make the mistake of sitting back after you’ve scored one goal in 6 minutes and wait for the opposition to equalise.