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Simon Jordan tells West Ham fans to lay off old foes David Sullivan and David Gold

Legendary Liverpool boss Bill Shankly had it wrong according to Simon Jordan as he sends a message to West Ham United fans.

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.”

Those were the immortal words uttered by Shankly – the Liverpool immortal himself – many moons ago.

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No let up from protesting Hammers

But pundit and former football club owner Jordan says football is NOT a matter of life or death and is urging West Ham fans to back off his old foes David Sullivan and David Gold.

A large section of West Ham fans are deeply unhappy with the way the duo – and their vice-chairman Karren Brady – have run the club over the last decade.

They have been making their feelings clear in protests before the Everton game, during the Liverpool match and will again before Saturday’s crucial home clash against Southampton.

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‘Lay off Sullivan and Gold’ Jordan tells West Ham fans

Jordan has not been shy in venting his spleen about West Ham’s owners in the past, dating back to their Birmingham City days.

Now Jordan has told Hammers supporters to lay off Sullivan and Gold in The Sun.

“Despite the Premier League’s rise as one of the best in the world, owners, management and players are now being put under levels of unreasonable abuse,” Jordan said in his column for The Sun.

“While I’m no fan of co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan at West Ham, the abuse aimed at them because the team are poor and the stadium is not what they want is wrong… let’s find some context.

“I love football fans. I love the humour, the passion and their perseverance.

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‘We should expect better behaviour’

“No other business serves up garbage one week and people come and buy some more the following week. But we should expect better behaviour.

“Football is a force for good. Bill Shankly’s immortal words were ‘Football is not life and death — it’s more serious than that’ but it’s really not.”

Even Jordan sees the irony in defending his old foes Sullivan and Gold.

He took to Twitter to comment under his own column, saying: “Comes a times when I am actually defending West Ham owners.”

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