West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady been involved in another ugly row.

Brady is an unpopular figure among West Ham supporters.

Hammers fans have been protesting against Brady and her bosses David Sullivan and David Gold this season.

More than 8,500 Hammers supporters joined a march against the board before the win over Southampton.

And another mass protest – led by disaffected West Ham fan group Hammers United – was planned for the home game against Burnley in April before the global health crisis shut down football.

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Brady making headlines for all the wrong reasons… again

Earlier this month Brady was criticised for blocking the influential West Ham United Independent Supporters Association on Twitter – read full story here.

She was then savaged by fans after becoming the first Premier League club official to speak out publicly over the coronavirus pandemic, telling the world the season should be declared “null and void” (The Sun).

Brady was accused of ‘self-interest’ and slammed by West Ham fans for dragging the club’s name through the mud.

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Hammers chief labelled ‘hypocrite’ over salary demands

Last week she used her controversial column in The Sun to call on players to accept a 30% pay cut.

As a result her own salary and role at West Ham has been called into question.


And Brady did not like it, snapping back and blocking a West Ham fan who criticised her on Twitter.

“Yes I am (taking a pay cut), reduced by 30% so I can help ensure my staff are paid 100%,” Brady said when accused of ‘mind blowing hypocrisy’.

“What about you?”

It was then put to Brady that she would still be collecting a vast wage from West Ham despite being “part-time” and “not very good” at her job.

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‘I’m blocking you’ Brady hits back over salary claims

“My basic salary is NOTHING like that amount (£700,000), but even if I was I pay 50% tax on it so I can contribute to the country, the NHS and everyone who needs it, including possibly you. I am blocking you as I can’t deal with your negativity – go and bother someone else.”

Another angry row.

More negative publicity for West Ham. More negative headlines for football.

The sport has somehow conspired to score a costly own goal in this crisis. Money is at the root of it against the backdrop of death and economic turmoil among the people who are the lifeblood of the game.

The latest Twitter spat comes after WHUISA demanded answers from Brady with a series of questions about her role and behaviour.

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