There has been a mixed reaction to the move to the Olympic stadium for West Ham and you have to question whether it’s going to make the club better, or whether we are just leaving home?

From what I’ve heard there’s still going to be a tribute to Bobby Moore which is important, because in years to come I would hope people would want to go and see where West Ham started and where all the legends played. I know it wouldn’t happen because of the money but I would love for the stadium to stay and be a permanent tribute to the club. It’s not just the ground we’ll miss but Green Street and the atmosphere walking down there for a game. Somewhere near the ground I feel there has to be a tribute/museum for all things to West Ham from Moore to Tevez, all the people that have made West Ham memories. Every single fan will have a first favourite player for West Ham and they should all be recognised.

I saw somewhere say that it has been the older fans that have been most affected by the move but I’m not sure that entirely true. From what I’ve seen on Twitter it’s the younger ones that are struggling to come to terms with the move because it honestly does feel like yesterday when we were kids going to watch them play. It was a great place to be around growing up, the songs, the atmosphere, the players that became heroes and I think the move really hit home this week when it was announced that it had been sold. It’s hard to think about the last game at home but we will make it special I’m sure and the first game at the OS we will all be there singing bubbles and welcoming our new home. We have the best fans in the world and we make the atmosphere as much as the ground does, so that’s what needs to be done wherever we play. Hopefully we get to see players like Noble, Carroll and Adrian lead us out into the future in the Olympic stadium. West Ham fans hearts are with the team and the club and we will support no matter where we play.