Back in the old days money didn’t seem to come into many conversations about football but nowadays it’s a massive deal. I think we now need to recognise and thank the fantastic 2 business men and business woman who are getting our clubs finances back on the straight and narrow.
With the extra revenue from Sky next season – which is nothing to do with the owners – this will surely help all Premier League clubs from next seasons with a rumoured extra £60 million coming in from Sky as part of a mega deal for the viewing rights. A few months ago it was confirmed by West Ham that Alpari would take over from SBOBET as our main principle sponsor for the next few seasons. This deal bringing in another extra few million pounds more than our last deal, so credit to whoever has been negotiating and sorting out this deal. Today we learnt that Adidas would take over from Macron as our Technical Sponsor a.k.a. kit maker and no doubt this will bring in so much extra revenue for the club. Not only for the money from Adidas themselves but for the sales of merchandise. I am sure supporters will be more inclined to buy a track suit top which is made by Adidas rather than Macron – I don’t have anything against Macron but Adidas are arguably the biggest sporting brand in the country with Nike.
I think with the move to the Olympic Stadium on the horizon, Alpari’s deal lasts 3 years and Adidas lasts 2 years. A great bit of business? Definitely! Think of how appealing West Ham will be in a few years and what deals we will be able to negotiate then! The future is looking good in Claret and Blue!