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Forget claret carpets and honours boards, West Ham are deflecting from real stadium issue
Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

Forget claret carpets and honours boards, West Ham are deflecting from real stadium issue

Photo by Henry Browne Getty Images

West Ham United have been at pains to make public the steps they are taking to make the London Stadium feel more like home.

The Hammers want the carpet pitch surround changed to claret.

And they are demanding their honours board be put back up by stadium owners E20.

Karren Brady makes landlord row public

Unpopular vice-chairman Karren Brady has taken to the club’s official website to issues statements on the matters.

But it just serves to heap more embarrassment on West Ham fans who already have to endure taunts from rival supporters about the former Olympic Stadium.

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No amount of claret can solve REAL stadium problem

Manuel Pellegrini could do without such off-field distractions too.

After all he has been charged with changing the style and philosophy of a club that has spent too much time making negative headlines over the last two years.

West Ham may be trying to do right by their fans with the claret carpet and honours board.

But no amount of claret and blue glitter and public statements will distract from the real issue.

The distance between the stands and the pitch and even in some areas the STANDS from the other stands is THE only issue that truly matters at the London Stadium.

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The contrast from Upton Park is simply too great

It suits West Ham to deflect attention away from the failure to make good on the promise of a “state-of-the-art retractable seating solution” which would bring fans close to the pitch.

The reality was a complex and unsightly relocatable scaffolding system that has made them a laughing stock.

The contrast from Upton Park is simply too great.

West Ham could make every seat claret, get claret carpet, their honours board back up and even move the Champions Statue to the ground.

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Stadium will never scratch supporter itch until issue is resolved

It will make it better.

But it won’t stop the atmosphere dying before it can get going as it travels across the great chasms.

And it won’t bring the magic back that came from being close to the pitch at Upton Park.

Until that is resolved the stadium will never scratch the itch that has been so irritating supporters.

But Hammers fans shouldn’t hold their breath.