It was great going to the Everton Match and I really thought we would win.  I had new wristbands made for The Bobby Moore Fund and lots of people came to find me to buy some.  I also had a small auction that raised nearly £500 for the charity too.
Last week was really busy for me, I got offered a part a new film that Cass Pennant is co-producing, the film is called Meet The Guvnors and it will be in the cinema.  Sometimes I think it is a bit crazy how things happen from my charity work and I think my Nanny would laugh.
I also went to the Youth Consultancy Meeting to talk about The Olympic Stadium and what things kids wanted there.  It was a good meeting and Karen Brady and Mark Noble were both there, there were some really good ideas and it was great to hear them and be able to give my ideas too.
This week is not a good week because it will be my Nanny’s birthday on Friday but on Saturday I am going to an award ceremony in London.  I have been shortlisted for a National Humanitarian Award by The British Red Cross for my charity work and I hope I can win it for Nanny.  I will let you know how I get on.