It has been a really busy week.  On Wednesday I flew to Ireland to complete a 30 mile 3 day walk across 2 counties.  Both of my great grandparents died of cancer and I walk from one grave to the other.
I really wanted to walk in Ireland because I have got lots of family there and my Mum was born there.
It was really different from my London walk and I was walking in lots of fields and hills and there were lots of mountains.  The Belfast Hammers walked with me.  Us Hammers get everywhere.
I was in two of the national papers in Ireland and I was on UTV (ITV to us).  It was really good and I raised a lot of awareness and some funds too.
Next week is going be very busy as I have got 3 charity functions in 24 hours. I am still making time to have fun with my cousins and friends.  I am busy trying to organise a charity football match in the Summer and some ex-players have already said they will play for me.  I love football and I have really wanted a match so watch this space.
Next week lots of exciting things are happening and I will have some great photos for you.