This week has been exciting.  I have been working hard on my Ireland walk and I got invited to our local Cancer Research UK Thank You Dinner.  I always feel a bit funny when I go to dinners because I am always the smallest one there.
It was really nice because they wanted to give me an award for everything I have done for the charity.  Most people get a trophy with their name on but I didn’t.  Bobby is my hero and I love football and I have been collecting lots of 1966 memorabilia.  I had 9 autographs, including Bobby’s, but I needed Bobby Charlton and George Cohen to complete my collection.  At the dinner they called me up on stage in front of everyone and instead of a trophy they gave me a Bobby Charlton signed photo and it was great.  When I said ‘thank you’ they said ‘Don’t go yet’ and they gave me a photo with a message to me from George Cohen.  Now I have the complete 1966 collection and I am very proud.
I had to go to Camden for filming for an award video for Justgiving recently and I know it will be hard to win because it is a national award for ‘Young Fundraiser’ and there is lots of young people fundraising.
I finish school soon for Easter and I am really looking forward to going to Upton Park again to watch a match, it’s been ages.  On Wednesday I fly to Ireland for a 3 day walk in memory of my Nanny and other family members.  I like my walks but it is always sad when they finish.  I have lots of messages and people in Italy, France and America want me to walk with them, that’s crazy !!
Lot’s of other things have happened this week and I will share them with you soon.  Thank you for following my story.