First of all I would like to say what a great season for West ham and for the fans. I would like to thank the players and most of all the fans, home and away, week after week. I know it’s not been the best football this season but would it be fun supporting a team that wins 5-0 every week?
Anyway, as you can tell I will be reviewing the best, worst and the most unnoticed players this season. A bit of inside information I am 15 years old and a huge west ham fan and have some…Interesting views about west ham. I believe that this season has shown some great talent and hope for west ham including Mohammed Diamé who has been, for me, west hams most influential new signing this season even though he has only scored 3 goals this season he has been a maestro in midfield and scores the important goals, like the left footed banger against Manchester United! Yes he has been injured for a segment of the season but he has been a great player for the club.
Another player for me who has been great is Mark Noble, need I say anymore! Season after season he has been very consistent and he is always good and is like a work horse, however much rest he has had!
Kevin Nolan, he has been in poor film lately but he that partnership with Andy Carroll is unstoppable. He has scored a lot of goals this season but should we be relying on his goals? Is it time we bought a prolific goal scorer so we don’t have to rely on him as he is getting old and he won’t always be able to keep his fitness up! That leads me to Andy Carroll who, even though he has only been at West Ham since January, has been a great loan signing and hopefully a deal is made to keep him as he is west hams ideal player. Good in the air, can assist and isn’t afraid to chase down every ball! I think we should pay anything up to £15 million for him just to have the certainty of a striker as we don’t really have enough depth in this position.
Defending has been a big part of west ham season as it hasn’t been easy at the back and I think this is down to Winston Reid, I was very wary about him at the beginning of the season but he has shown he is a very consistent good defender who has a bright future in the premier league and can play at the top of English level! I also think Guy Demel has done very well this season and is very unrecognised as one of west hams best defenders. He may not be able to cross a ball very well but he is not afraid to run at a player and is very consistent for someone of his age and build. In my opinion he is one of our best full backs and does the overlap job with Vaz Te very well even though Vaz Te goes down as my disappointment of the year. After a promising season is the championship it is clear he is not ready for top English flight due to his lack of consistency, bad attitude and speed of decision making. He just isn’t fast enough for the premier league! I have been too many home games this season and it angers me and the whole 35 thousand other people at the Boleyn ground when he just stands there at a perfect opportunity for a counter-attack! I haven’t seen him put a decent ball in all season and with one of the biggest aerial threats in the league we can’t afford to be playing him on the wing!
Which brings me to west hams biggest signing of Matt Jarvis who has been good this season but has not lived up to his huge price tag. He always takes it on his left foot despite being right footed and is too easy for defenders to depict every week.
We all have to thank ‘reliable’ goalkeeper Jussi Jääskeläinen for his tremendous efforts in goal for the mighty hammers. Even though he has conceded a few goals this season it isn’t all down to him you know! He has saved us many times from being 4 goals down in the first 10 minutes at some times!
I would also like to thank Jack Collison who doesn’t get enough, if any credit for his brilliant work last season and this season. He has been injured a lot but when he plays you can expect him to be pinging balls all over the field and into the back of the net!
This is who I think have been west hams most influential and un-needed players this season. What I will say to Big Sam is good job but stop bringing in stupid loanees like Pogatetz, Paulista. It is not needed and takes a huge chunk out of your own wage bill!