A lot of people would say that West Ham’s and Stoke’s style of play is boring and ancient, but I think otherwise. The way Stoke and West Ham play is the way I have always pictured English football to be: strong, aggressive and neat. And Stoke and West Ham also have a flair going forward, which makes them very entertaining sides to watch. When most people mention beautiful football, they talk about Arsenal aimlessly passing the ball around for ten minutes until they lose it. Or the revitalized Liverpool with their new style of football which people call “Tikka takka” however this might be pretty to watch as Joe Allen plays a two foot pass backwards to his goalkeeper, but Liverpool still can’t find form with this style of football which doesn’t suit their hero Steven Gerrard as he likes to play a 30 yard pass which gains more ground than he new Liverpool manage in 20 passes. Moreover Arsenal’s defence in recent years is a shambles, what’s happened to the Adams, and the Keowns who where mountains at the back for them, the now have weaklings at the back who defend more like strikers than defenders. What happened to the defenders like Bobby Moore? Who would through their bodies on the line for their club, and this is what Stoke and West Hma have in their team. Winston Reid and Collins have proved this multiple times. I like to see good defence as much as good attacking play, but if players are falling to the ground after a tap or trying to get players sent off like in the Spanish and Italian leagues, then I can see the Premier League losing what it has always been about. Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce are great managers, they have been slated multiple times but they keep proving their critics wrong time and time again. Stoke and West Ham are obviously not the most gifted skill-wise. The signings they have made have always impressed me, and looking at their squad it looks strong in every area of the pitch. They are always in solid mid-table position without spending big. As well as all of Allardyce’s team have been successful. I just wish other teams would not copy the Spanish style of play. It’s not as if Stoke and West Ham haven’t had success since rejoining the top flight.