Given the choice between these two very different managers – one very experienced with Premiership credentials, the other a rough edged diamond relatively new to management – who would you choose?
Regardless of whether or not we stay in the Premiership, which I believe we will, or get the keys to the Olympic Stadium, would you like Sam to stay in charge of the Hammers and build on what he has achieved so far? On the other hand, would you go for a different style of management and have someone with legendary status such as Paolo take the reigns at Upton Park? Obviously the owners, David Gold and David Sullivan, will have their own ideas and will make a judgement based on where we are come January or, more likely, at the end of the season.
Sam has a proven track record in the Premiership over many years. Paolo on the other hand has done a great job so far,  albeit at lower levels, bringing Swindon up a division in his first season as a manager, thus proving to us all of us that he has the appetite for Management.
Having a proven track record in the Premiership though is such a big advantage at this level. If our position in the league were to get squeaky come Christmas / January time, I’d be surprised if the board would gamble and replace Sam at this stage of the season.
Should we get through this season unscathed and finish in a credible position in the league come May, then I’d like to see Sam given the opportunity to continue with the job he started. To do this he will need the continued backing by the board in the transfer market, which will enable Sam to carry on with the stabilisation job that so far has worked wonders on and off the field.
This of course is my opinion and others will have their own including David Gold and David Sullivan. Therefore, until we get to either January or May, the main assessment parts of the season, will we see which direction the board will go and what reaction our supporters will have towards Sam.