Paolo Di Canio's Claret and Blue Army?

Paolo Di Canio resigned as manager of Swindon Town this week. At a time when the club are chasing promotion to the Championship. Di Canio has done an excellent job and to lose the manager at such a crucial stage in the season is a significant blow.
But no sooner had Paolo’s resignation hit the headlines, questions were already being asked by both the media and fellow West Ham fans about what his resignation meant for Big Sam. Admittedly Sam’s future has been under scrutiny of late, our away form has been poor and at times some of the football has been unbearably negative, so much so that I can’t blame the fans for getting frustrated. On top of that there has been no offer of a new contract when Sam’s present one expires at the end of the season. Di Canio is a favourite at Upton Park and the link is an obvious one.
Personally, however, I find it a bit embarrassing for the fans to be calling for his head considering we are close to achieving our number 1 target, safety! Obviously much depends on what owners David Sullivan and David Gold regards as success in Allardyces’s first Premier League season and how motivated they are to make a populist decision but for me Sam has to stay. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the turn over in managers in recent years has not been good for the club, stability is key if we want to move forward and build on the sold foundations Sam has put in place.
Di Canio is a talented manager, though, no doubt about it. Swindon won promotion from League Two last season, and have a very reasonable chance of repeating that achievement in League One. But with that talent comes a certain amount of aggravation and those in East London coveting the return of our hero, should perhaps be careful what they wish for. Where Sam brings stability and a huge amount of experience, Di Canio brings unpredictability and has a tendency act before he thinks.
I love Di Canio’s passion for the game, seeing a West Ham manager kick every ball for his team would fill me with pride but on the flip side his passion boiling over in the spotlight of the Premier League (something of a regular occurrence at Swindon) could have a negative effect on our club, one which we can’t afford as the imminent tenants of the Olympic Stadium.
There is a method for achieving success in the Premier League, something that Big Sam is well versed in and starring in your very own daily soap opera should never be part of that plan.

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