We came out from Anfield with a point, perhaps, that as a victory. Great performance from the boys, who never gave up and they also knew how to suffer and keep a clean sheet. We would like to emphasise especially the performance of Ginge Collins and James Tomkins, placed at the centre of the defence, they cancelled out a person, who on the eve of the match was more frightening to us Hammers: Luis Suarez. Also a special mention for Carlton Cole, who has not had many opportunities, but has sacrificed a lot to help the team. Bravo Carlton.
A special atmosphere was breathed on Sunday to Liverpool. All players, as a sign of respect for the 96 victims of Hillsborough, wore black armbands, and, in our opinion, a minute’s silence that we saw just before kick off was fantastic, with the stadium in silence to remember a tragedy that today, still marks one of the ugliest pages in the history of football. Here in Italy it is rare to see scenes like this, especially because, in our view, in Italy there is a tendency for minutes of silence to applaud rather than remain in respectful silence, than a scene like the one on Sunday particularly impressed us.
Now we’re getting close to the next game, which may already be decisive for our future destiny: three games in seven days, starting with the match at St. Mary’s of Southampton, where in the case of our victory, would give us the mathematical certainty of a place in the Premier League. This game is followed by the Red Devils who will arrive at Upton, where we hope the team can repeat a performance like the one made in the FA Cup, where we put in serious performance against Ferguson’s team.  Finally, at the Boleyn Ground, we play Wigan, who is still playing for their stay in PL, so are desperate for points. Matches are not easy, especially for us, but if we play with the right concentration without making mistakes, we hope to get at least those 4 points. This is turn will tell us that next year we will remain in the league that we belong. COYI.