Recent speculation would suggest that Andy Carroll is almost certain to be playing at West Ham next season, he works hard and to go with that has bags of ability. But, is he really the man for West Ham United?
It seems like a match made in heaven. Allardyce, the man who has the style perfect for Andy Carroll; Kevin Nolan, close friend of Carroll and a team that seems to adore him. A successful season where Carroll has been a focal point, some would say why bother trying to fix it. Well, there are many ways to argue.
Is he worth £12 million? This seems like the minimum amount we’d pay for him, so this is probably the best case scenario. Frankly, no he isn’t and there are certainly better alternatives available. A 7 goal season should never warrant such a fee. We could bag top quality strikers for such a fee, we could buy Remy who could certainly be afforded given his £6 million release fee and the money saved could be put towards his wages. Another alternative: Wilfried Bony. 31 goals in a season, undoubtedly lower wage demands for near the same price if not lower. Premier League tested or not, Bony is clearly top class.
I’m not saying that Andy isn’t a fantastic striker, what I am saying is that a clearly injury prone player who has scored only 7 goals, is not worth the money that we are willing to pay for him. Alternatives are better, proven to score goals and most likely cheaper. To look up, we need a proven scorer. Clearly, Andy knows where the net is, he just is not nearly as prolific as we need to move forward.