Recent press reports to come out of West Ham United have suggested that Sam Allardyce would like to discuss his contract sooner than the end of the season. The contract in place runs out this summer, and the deal was suggested by both him and the Chairmen, was that once West Hams survival was confirmed, discussions over a new contract would take place. However, Big Sam seems anxious to get his contract sorted with the club sooner rather than later.
Allardyce was brought into the club with 2 targets. The first to get us out of the Championship at the first attempt and the second, to consolidate the team and survive back in the English premier League at the first time of asking. He completed the first one in May, with our magnificent Wembley win against Blackpool, and we are on track for the second target – 2 more wins I think will do it. So why is Big Sam so anxious to get his contract sorted. After an ill-fated spell at Newcastle United, and being given the chop without warning at Blackburn Rovers, who could blame him for wanting some security. His reputation took a massive dent after those two spells, especially after the amount of success he had at Bolton Wanderers.
But Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan do not seem too fussed about tying Allardyce down to a new long term deal, in fact, if he is offered a new contract, it is likely to be another two year contract. Are there other managers out there who would be interested in the West Ham job? Of course there is – is there better than Allardyce? I’m not so sure. His football may not be popular and his tactics are quite negative, but I trust Allardyce with what he is doing. I think given time, and backing, he will turn us into a top ten team with ease. We have played very direct this season, but I have also seen us play some good football. Good football can only be played with good players. Good players cost money, something we haven’t got. Allardyce has done the best he can with the resources available in my opinion. Slowly and surely, I think he will replace those mediocre players with better.
Allardyce has quite openly admitted that he wanted to show his managerial skills at West Ham United to rebuild his reputation. West Ham needed a manager who knew what he was doing, could install a toughness and aggression which has eluded so many of our previous teams. Allardyce has brought the team spirit back to the club, all on a very limited budget. For me, it was an ideal fit –Sam needed a project that he could work his magic, West Ham needed a manager to lift the club from the pits of despair, and put us back on track for many years in Englands top division. It may not be pretty, but we are playing at Old Trafford, Anfield and The Emirates, instead of The Den, London Road and the Ricoh Arena. I think Allardyce has deserved a new contract with us, however, if Roberto Martinez becomes available in the Summer, then don’t be surprised to see the Chairmen take the plunge.