As a life long West Ham fan I have had all the West Ham greats engrained into me from a young age both past and present. So I thought I would share with you who my five greatest ever players for West Ham have been and why.
5. Julian Dicks – Dicks AKA ‘The Terminator’ to me epitomises   what being a Premiership defender is all about, tough in the tackle and wont shy away and a real leader on the pitch. Dicks had a cultured left foot and possessed a fierce shot and was a great penalty and free kick taker. In the 1995-96 season Dicks scored 10 goals from defence and it’s still the best return for any defender in the Premier League. Between 1990 and 1997 Dicks won Hammer of the year four times which is a great achievement. Personally I feel that West Ham never replaced him since he left in 1999 and the left back position to this day is still a weak area in the squad.
4. Sir Trevor Brooking – As a player that came through the ranks at West Ham Brooking’s playing career for West Ham spanned over 17 years including winning two FA Cup finals. Brooking was a loyal committed player to West Ham playing his whole career with the club bar 2 games he played for Cork City at the very end of his career. Even when West Ham were relegated in 1978 Brooking showed his loyalty to West Ham telling then manager John Lyall that he would understand if he was to be sold to help the club financially but would prefer it if he could stay with West Ham. During a time when football was played on mud pits at best and when football was not at its most gracious, Brooking stood out as one of the most majestic midfielders that graced England who had it all including two very good feet and great vision. It was also said after Brooking took over as caretaker manager twice that he was the best West Ham manager that we never had.
3. Paolo Di Canio – Well what can be said that already hasn’t about the great Di Canio? He was tremendous, such ability and composure that again hasn’t been matched since he left West Ham. A player that loved the West Ham fans and a player that the West Ham fans loved and will always love, just an out and out amazing character. His infamous goal against Wimbledon will go down in history as one of the greatest goals to grace the Premier League, but that was just one of many that all West Ham fans will remember. It is true that at times he could be a handful but that was just another part of what we all loved about the eccentric Italian. When he returns to Upton Park to watch games his name is a constant chant and he adds the same amount of excitement without even having to get on the pitch. I have no doubt that one day his dream of been able to manage the club he loves will happen – but not just yet.
2. Vic Watson – Watson is a player that graced the footballing world many years before I was born or even a thought, but as a West Ham fan he is a player that I have shown great interest in. Its great listening to the older West Ham fans about greats such as Watson, and it’s my job as a writer and a West Ham fan to listen to these fans and keep the great name of Vic Watson going so that he is always remembered for the talent he was. Watson is still to this day West Ham’s top goal scorer of all time and even in today’s modern game it looks set to stand for a very long time. If only we could have a Vic Watson at West Ham now then goals may be easier to come by.
1. Bobby Moore – I don’t think a lot needs said about Bobby Moore he sums up West Ham and English football as a whole. He is a true professional and a true gentleman. I have said it a few times this week but the term legend is thrown around far too easily nowadays but Bobby Moore is the greatest Legend in English football in my opinion. He stands and will always stand as my most favourite West Ham player ever and I don’t think that will ever change. Bobby
Moore the great.
That’s my top 5 and it would take something great to break into that. All West Ham fans are going to have their own players that they class as the greatest. West Ham has enough greats to make a book about.