The one that stands out for me is Ravel Morrison. He was loaned out to Birmingham City last season but since he has been there, he’s been one of their best players, if not the best. He received 14 man of the match awards out of 25 games that he played. I personally believe that he is ready to play in the Premier League and although there have been rumours of him leaving or Birmingham getting him back on loan, I really think West Ham should have a think about what they do regarding Morrison because he certainly deserves a chance next season.
Another youngster that deserves a chance next season is Rob Hall. He is anther player that we loaned to Birmingham City last season and like Morrison, has also done very well whilst he was there. Lee Clark, the Birmingham City manager was constantly praising Hall on his contribution to the games, which he played. Hall has got very good pace and a great delivery on him, which would benefit Carroll (If we sign him) a lot.
Elliot Lee is a player that I believe deserves a chance next season. He’s really impressed this season in the development squad and has scored a lot of goals. He’s quick and is good with the ball at his feet. His only problem is that he’s small so it probably won’t suit our main style of play but I think he would be great playing off of Carroll. It’s something that I could see working and so Lee certainly deserves a chance.
Next we have Jordan Spence. There have been some rumours that we are willing to let Spence leave but I really can’t see why that is. I remember watching him in the FA Cup game against Manchester United at Old Trafford and I thought that he completely held his own. Looked good on the ball and didn’t struggle at all when he had players running at him. Spence also has pace, which is something we lack at right back and left back. Plus he can also play at centre back if we were ever short on players.
George Mocur is a youngster that deserves a chance. Now I haven’t seen much of him myself but from what I’ve heard, he’s a good player. I know someone who went to watch the West ham U21s play Liverpool’s U21s and he said that Moncur run the game in the middle of the park. I certainly think he is someone that West Ham should think about playing a few games next season.
The final player that I believe deserves a chance is Dan Potts. He has played a few times and has done well.  I also remember watching him against Manchester United in the FA Cup and he looked like he had matured more as a player. The singing of Razvan Rat probably shows that he isn’t going to get much of a looking but I think that he deserves a chance next season.