West Ham United fans are sick of the sight of Manchester City.

Indeed Hammers fans are fed up with their dismal record on the opening day of the Premier League season.

In the last three years West Ham have conceded 13 goals and scored just once against Manchester United, Liverpool and City respectively.

It was a thoroughly miserable day for West Ham as they were thrashed 5-0 by Pep Guardiola’s expensively assembled reigning champions.

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VAR and all that

To make matters worse the game was persistently interrupted by the intervention of the controversial new VAR technology.

Fans, pundits and managers spent more time talking about and debating VAR at the weekend than they did assessing performances.

But Manchester City boss Guardiola has been quick to point out that it was responsible for the only moment of joy for West Ham fans in the one-sided rout.

“My wish is that VAR doesn’t make mistakes, please, it’s the only (thing) I want” Guardiola told the press post West Ham (Metro).


“Because when it’s offside, it’s offside. When it’s a penalty, it’s a penalty so it’s not a problem.

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Pep: ‘VAR gave Hammers fans only moment of joy’

“It is what it is maybe it will be quicker in the future,” Guardiola responded when it was put to him it was too intrusive and spoiled the passion of the match.

“But we cannot deny after the third decision of VAR (to rule out City’s third goal) the spectators for West Ham were happy. And they were sad for all the second half but in that moment is when they lifted and when they felt better. We are going to use (VAR) so it is what it is and we have to get used to it.”

Guardiola makes a salient point.

But West Ham fans – like their rivals across the country – will soon grow tired of VAR if it interferes too much with the beautiful game.

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Conspiracy theory fails first test

There has always been conspiracy theories among fans that there is a bias towards the top teams.

Supporters of clubs like West Ham felt VAR might level the playing field.

There was no evidence of that for West Ham on Saturday.

All it seemingly served to do was make the game more clinical and sanitised than ever before. And not in West Ham’s favour.

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