The West Ham juggernaut ground to a sudden halt against Liverpool last weekend. It was a long journey and although it was well tuned it wasn’t at the races versus a red machine that was firing on all cylinders.
On the road once again it ventures into Wales to go head to head against a revitalised Swansea who have aspirations of avoiding relegation like ourselves.
Since the arrival of David Moyes we’ve made steady progress without going anywhere fast. Although we’ve crept up the league we’re still languishing at the wrong end of the table. Swansea will be fighting for their lives and as the home team it’s a game they’ll have earmarked as a must win. Likewise this really is a game that we’d expect to get something from. I previously wrote about my points predictions for the remainder of the season, this was another 3 points for ourselves.
We need to start with a performance this Saturday and hopefully the momentum will carry on into the next match at home to Burnley.

It’s fair to say that emotions will be running high both inside and outside the stadium.
A planned march organised and supported by various supporters groups is due before the game. The protest is against the joint owners and Lady Brady. Many fans unhappy at the direction the club is heading and how the alleged status as one of the richest teams is spending its new found wealth.
I like many thought moving to The London Stadium would of elevated us to the next level. When Sam Alladyce left as manager I was certainly a be careful of what you wish for kind of guy, Slaven Bilic came in and although I was behind him every step of the way he also couldn’t deliver. He’s legacy will be that final season at Upton Park.
David Moyes leads the team this Saturday but we still don’t know whether he’ll be in charge at the beginning of the next.
We’re in the same boat as the Allardyce era, be careful what you wish for.
Will a march of a couple of thousand disgruntled fans force the owners to sell? I’ve not passed any opinion on any social media site due to the responses I’ve seen by people sharing a view or making a comment.
One thing for certain is that when the whole club should be united there’s a divide amongst supporters.
What are the expectations of our supporters and what do we want? Can the owners actually sell the club and who’d buy it?
Some people never wanted to leave The Boleyn and others did, some wanting to have a sugar daddy owner who’ll buy the League others wanting the club to be left alone.


What would a potential new owner bring to the club and will they bring success or despair?
When Cardiff City were bought by Malaysian owners the first thing they did was change the colour of the shirts from blue to red as it was seen as a lucky. How do the colours of a tin of Red Bull make you feel?
The once new owners of Leeds United, Birmingham City, Portsmouth, Blackpool and Blackburn Rovers are a few teams who’ve had a fractious relationships with supporters since purchasing these clubs. Many Manchester United fans are yet to endear themselves to their American owners whilst a power struggle behind the scenes at Arsenal between shareholders seems to be holding the team back.
Sunderland are up for sale for nothing but you’ve got to pay the hundred old million debt whilst Newcastle are also looking to sell but only if the price is right.
So where does it leave us. One of the richest clubs in the world valued between 450- 500 million pounds. Who’s got that kind of cash in their back sky rocket?
Many overseas owners looking to grab a bargain in the lower divisions and adopt a slowly slowly approach. Wolves looking a good bet for automatic promotion owned by a Chinese Billionaire whilst local neighbours Aston Villa are snapping at their heels also bankrolled by billionaire. Cardiff’s shirt swapping owner also has aspirations of a return to the Premier League as does Fulham’s American owner.
So where West Ham may have it all they may be a giant step too far for a takeover. At the end of city airports runway and in eyeshot of Canary Wharf their doesn’t seem to be any talk either inside or out of suitors for the club.
Disgruntled supporters and lacklustre displays on the pitch I’m sure would of been noted by interested parties.
So if there is anybody out there keeping tabs on West Ham an attractive feature would be 3 points on Saturday and another six in the following two games.
It’s time to look pretty.

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