Do you remember when the lottery was first launched? Just before the draw Mystic Meg gave her predictions of who’ll win the up and coming draw.

“I can see that the winner of this week’s draw. The winner will be a man or maybe a woman” she would muse. “From the North or maybe The South.” What? “A young winner or possibly old.’

Okay she wasn’t that bad but like my predictions for my recent accumulators, not far off.

So as we reach the crucial business end of the season, it’s time for me to gaze into my crystal ball.

There’s another twelve fixtures to go and 36 points available. If we won all 12 we’d still be behind Manchester City. Seven at home five away. The fact we took 2 points from our last three games against direct rivals doesn’t bode well for up and coming matches. Significant injuries to key players and the failure to add to the squad in the January transfer window leaves the task ahead worrying to say the least.

Our next fixture against Watford, who are also in the bottom 11 teams, at The London Stadium this weekend has to be the one to kickstart our season; Watford will be buzzing after their result to current Champions Chelsea.

The breakdown of our results in The Premier League this season is painful reading:

26 matches 23% win 35% draw 42% loss.


I write this in a candle lit room, joss sticks burning. My kaftan and turban on and I close my eyes I have a vision, I see the light. The light is strong and I smell burning. I move away from the flame and roll around on the floor. No kite mark on the kaftan!
I’m back in the zone now sitting cross legged in my Hammers pyjamas. Bubbles going through my mind over and over again.
Four wins. Yesssss! Four wins, three draws and five more days of heartache. I can see it clearly now. The magic number floats around my head. 15. That’s all I’m getting at the moment. Fifteen more points which should be enough to see us safe for another season.

This wasn’t the vision I had when I first sat in my seat at The London Stadium. Far from it. In the last season at Upton Park when Leicester won the league we took a point at least from every team we played. I thought the momentum of our move that season would have continued into our new home. Lacklustre performances, a change of manager and disenchantment amongst supporters and the direction of the club have seen a once united club appear to be imploding before our very eyes – the recent dismissal of Head of Recruitment not helping matters either.

It’s widely reported that various supporter’s clubs and groups are planning to demonstrate against the board. Whether the owners decide to sell or have the appetite to truly invest remains to be seen. The turnout of the 10th March protest could be the final straw.

The future of the club looks somewhat unclear at the moment. Unless there is significant investment in the squad then the days of West Ham being a yo-yo club could be on the horizon. Inaugural winners of The Premier League Blackburn Rovers have found out. Sunderland sit perilously close to the foot of The Championship. I fear for West Ham and just see a Yo.

Newcastle are a club with a fantastic fan base who haven’t seen eye to eye with the owner running their club. Currently up for sale but only if the price is right. Their supporters just as frustrated as many of ours. I, like many, are still waiting for the next level.

Rather than looking to the future I find myself with one eye over my shoulder reminiscing about days gone by. Where the future should be bright it seems to have gone cloudy. In the distance and amongst the haze I can see 15. Magic 15…

Yes you heard it here first. We’re safe for another season at least.

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