When I got back from The London Stadium and settled down with a coffee to watch Match of The Day after seeing West Ham climb out of the relegation zone I had a feeling of jubilation that we’re finally on the up. I scrolled through various club sites and forums and couldn’t believe what I was reading about Andy Carroll, you know the guy who’d just scored twice to win the match in the dying seconds. Never has there been a player that divides supporters as much as AC. Yes, he’s injury prone and has spent long spells in the treatment room but does he deserve the criticism? “Awful, toilet and a liability. Get rid, useless donkey” These are some of the printable comments!! I can’t believe the negativity that follows him with some sections of our supporters. Some of the comments he was getting at halftime were disappointing to say the least. It continued after the match too!! Unbelievable. I thought we stood united through thick and thin arm in arm. Give the guy a break.

I thought he showed a more mature approach on Tuesday night. He wasn’t the usual blood guts and thunder but more thoughtful choosing when to go in and when to stand off. He’s a defenders nightmare and a beast to play against. Once he got the run on the West Brom defence there was on one winner and one outcome. The second was a classy finish from a tight angle. Who can forget the stunner against Palace last season? That seems to be the problem there’s not been too many stunners to mention. Regardless of that, does he really deserve the canning he regularly gets? This is our player. Not a petulant overseas mercenary or someone throwing his toys out of the pram because he’s been warming the bench. No sign of sources saying he wants out. I’ve looked closely and can’t see Slave written on his cheek. He scored two goals for us!!


He offers something completely different. There’s talk of an England recall, many pundits having him as a shoeing for the squad to Russia providing he stays fit. The two goals were both provided via crosses into the box on Tuesday. One high one low. It’s not difficult, supply the ball and let him do the rest. He’s a nuisance, menace and constantly keeping defenders on their toes.

Until I see him on the back pages in a Manchester United shirt whilst being put through his paces at Rush Green I’ll continue to get behind him. Like we all should.

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